Glass repair – Determining Factors for the cost of Repair

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Glass repair and replacement services can be costly depending upon the severity of the damage. The size of the glass is the most obvious cost determining factor which decides the cost of glass repair. However, it is not the most important factor though. Glass repair and replacement activities should always involve high quality safety glass which complies with Australian standards for safety. Toughened and Laminated glass is usually favoured for all types of glass repair and replacement services.

Glass repair services for older timber frames are more expensive when compared with aluminium frames because the old putty and glazier’s points are removed for the repair. Also when the window sticks to the frame, the cost of glass repair can go up. The other important factor which largely decides the cost of glass repair is the type of glass used i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer glass or other alternatives.

Last but not the least, labour costs largely decides the overall cost of glass repair. For emergency services, the prices can just go higher. There are different categories of glass repair services usually provided by the companies which includes emergency services, General glass repair services, window frame repairs, home glass repair services and glass replacements

Instant Glass

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It is safe to say that there is a great competition in the glass repair industry today. As almost each one of us experiences having our storefront smashed, our windshield broken, cracked glass and windows, and other immediate glass repairs and maintenance, these glass experts are to the rescue. These glass repair companies are vowing to perform all sorts of glass repair jobs while offering their clients with one of a kind solution whatever the size of the job is. They swear to have a quick fix at a very reasonable price.
Various companies are offering their expert people when it comes to fixing Sydney glass. They provide customized services, state of the art technology, and strict safety requirements. From glass cutting, fitting, and repairing of broken glass and mirrors, you can find a solution with a promise of incomparable outputs. They have a wide range of glass services one can choose from – tint glass, partition glass, and glass doors for pets, safety glass, and more.
One of the known glass expert companies is O’Brien glass repair. They provide immediate and high quality glass repair and maintenance services. They are known for their round-the-clock service. They are always available to lend a hand even at the most inconvenient time where usually, glass breakage occurs. You can also book an appointment with them online, making it more convenient and less hassle for their customers. They offer help for claiming your glass insurance to your home insurance and process all the necessary paperwork making things lighter for you. Also, they give lifetime warranty to their service that will give their customers peace of mind.

Need glass replacement?  Whether you need to replace your glass at home, office, or shops, there’s always a glass expert that can help you. They offer glass services that suit any situation and to any glass service the customer requires. Their glass replacement services caters to all kinds of glass jobs including security glass, decorative and designer glass, solar glass film, and glass office partitions. They also deal with large glass replacement jobs for establishments and commercial buildings.
How About Glass Scratches?
Despite modern tools and techniques that glass repair companies offer, customers can’t help but get worried about glass scratches. It became a major problem in modern day glass infrastructures. We were told that it is not possible to conduct some repairs without leaving swirls, distortion, and scratches to your glass. Fortunately, some companies have developed new ways and innovated new techniques to address this issue.

Some scratches on your glass are caused by vandals, window cleaning materials, factory defects, or by your playful kids and pets. But you don’t have to worry as these glass repair companies also offer glass resurfacing services. It fixes glass graffiti, scratched glass, and almost all sorts of glass damage and repairs without necessarily replacing your whole window or glass surface.
So whatever kind of glass repair and maintenance you need, just seek and you shall find the most applicable service that you deserve without feeling broke.

O’Brien Glass – Home Improvement Project Ideas

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Many homeowners feel that glass is only being used for mirrors and windows, however the truth is that O’Brien glass has been incorporated into a multitude of home improvement projects. Also, one can save money by having O’Brien glass repaired without replacing the entire unit. There are different project ideas where O’Brien glass is used extensively because of its high quality and lifetime guarantee.

  •  Window Pane Repairs: In case you notice chips or cracks in your home’s window panes, you can definitely have expert glaziers either repair or replace O’Brien glass unit.
  •  Etched Glass Repair: For scratches and etches on your O’Brien glass, you need professionals who can polish out the scratch marks and restore the original lustre.
  •  Custom designed mirrors: O’Brien glass is extensively used for custom designed glass and mirrors. You can choose O’Brien glass designs that suits your decor and enhances the aesthetics of your interiors.
  •  Glass shower screen: O’Brien glass is used for glass shower enclosures which definitely adds a stupefying look to your bathroom. O’Brien glass not only guarantees safety and privacy but also assures easy maintenance.
  •  O’Brien glass is widely used for shelving, glass partitions and glass tops.

Cracked Glass – What are your options?

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Depending on the product, the cracked glass is usually repaired with a glue based approach. It is also worthy to determine whether the cracked glass product is actually necessary. There are scenarios where repairing cracked glass proves to be more difficult and complex than replacing the entire glass unit. For mementos, rare items and other important glass items, repairing the cracked glass is the most apt solution.

An epoxy glue based approach can be used to stick the cracked glass pieces together to attain the same functional value as before. It is important to allow the glue to dry properly for a stronger joint. Although the primary goal of the chosen glue is strength, the glue should also ensure that the glass remains clear. Depending on the severity of the cracked glass, even a replacement can be recommended. In such case, one needs to ensure that the replacement glass is cut to proper dimensions.
In case the cracked glass breaks into several shards, it becomes extremely difficult to glue the broken pieces together. In such scenarios, one needs to have properly sized replacement glass. For repairing cracked glass items with a curved surface, it requires enough experience and expertise

O’Brien Glass Repair – Important Things to Know

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Professional glaziers offer various glass repair services which includes repair for old-fashioned windows to modern sliding windows. Depending on the issue being faced, there are several resolutions to address them. In case the sliding window doesn’t operate properly, there could be issues with the rollers or wheels. For windows which are hard to slide up or down, the sash balances are replaced by professional glaziers.

It is extremely important to have O’Brien glass repair done with exact measurements because incorrectly sized windows will definitely affect the heating and cooling within your home. Double glazed windows are used for better insulation. O’Brien glass repair is mostly required for kitchens and bathrooms because of the increased usage of glass in these areas.

Glass splashbacks have been extremely popular in kitchens and bathrooms because it can easily gel with any decor and the reflective surface creates virtual space making it look spacious. Depending on the dimensions of the kitchen, one can have shower screens either sliding or pivoted. Similarly depending on the required style, one can choose between framed and frameless shower screens. The glazier should be extremely qualified and highly experienced for guaranteeing best results with O’Brien glass repair services.

Sydney Glass – Important Information on the Various Types

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The quality of Sydney Glass is extremely important for many of its applications because the primary goals include safety, durability and reliability. There are various different types of Sydney Glass having different characteristics. Let’s know more about the myriad types of Sydney Glass.

  •  The float glass is one of the most common Sydney glass which is made by pouring molten glass over tin.
  •  Plate Glass is extensively used as large store windows because of its thickness and strength.
  •  Sheet Sydney glass is characterised by its distortions, however this type of Sydney glass is more popular because of its bright lustre.
  •  Laminated glass is manufactured by laminating plastic between two sheets of glass making it extremely safe and highly durable.
  •  Tempered glass is an extremely popular Sydney glass, largely used in windshields and places which requires high resistance to breaking. Also, such type of Sydney glass crumbles into small pieces without any sharp edges, in case of an accident.
  •  With liquid crystals and an electrical circuit, one can create electronic privacy glass which imparts a frosted appearance to the Sydney glass. As the name suggests, such type of Sydney glass is used for enhanced security and privacy.

Depending on the use of Sydney glass, one needs to make the right choice which suits all the requirements.

Glass Replacements – Importance of getting Glass Cut to Size

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Glass is being widely used in different embodiments in the home. For glass replacements and installation of new glass, it is extremely important to have the glass cut to exact dimensions. Professional glaziers understand the importance of properly cut glass during glass replacements. This is because, glass is used for a variety of purposes inside the house such as glass table tops, shelves, splash backs etc. which needs the glass to fit in perfectly.
Glass replacements done with properly cut glasses ensure better longevity and higher performance. Experienced glaziers can easily cut glass to size because of their huge experience. With the right set of tools and skills, one can easily have cleanly cut pieces of glass to be used for glass replacements. With glass cutters, one can mark lines along which the cut is required. For glass replacements which involve flat glass, it is relatively simple when compared with the use of curved glass.
At, Instant Glass Repair Sydney, there are experienced glaziers who provide glass replacements for more than just doors and mirrors i.e. which includes glass replacements for tabletops, mirrors, frameless shower doors and shower enclosures. For all types of interior or exterior glass replacements, kindly contact us

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Glass Windows Glass and Replacement Services

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Let’s face it; glass is a substance that is used extensively in our homes and office spaces. However, before you decide to buy or replace glass, you have to keep in mind that it is a fragile substance that can get damaged due to stress and exposure to harsh environmental elements over time. Depending on the kind of damage sustained, the glass might need to be repaired or replaced completely with expert help from a reputable glass company. Surprisingly, there are instances when windows replacement may prove to be a cheaper option than windows’ glass repair in Sydney. Whether or not the windows need to be replaced can be properly assessed by a professional glass company. If the glass you are trying to replace or repair is a part of a window, there is a chance that your home insurance would cover all glass repairs in Sydney.

If you come to think of it, there are numerous reasons why you might need to replace glass of your windows. After all, it’s certainly not just an issue of practicality; it’s an issue of aesthetics as well. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you should check the credentials of the glass repair company that you choose for this job even if you opt for cheap glass repair services. Here are some of the most important problems that may require a window replacement:

1. Inefficient window panes: This usually happens when the glass or the window pane is not doing a good enough job of holding off the outside elements. If you feel that your window does not block the sun in the summer or the harsh winds in the winter, you need to contact a good glass repair company for your window replacement.

2. Condensation issues: If there is an excessive build-up of frost on your windows, there are high chances that your windows have poor insulation and thermal properties. In these circumstances, you need the services of a professional glass company to get your windows replaced.

3. Sealing problems: There might be some sealing issues with your window in case you hear a lot of noise from the outside, or if you think that there is a lot of unnecessary light flowing in as well. These sealing issues can be best addressed by a professional glass repair technician.

4. Operational issues: Is it tough for you to open your windows or to keep them open? Is it really hard to clean them or keep them in working order? If this is the case, there is a chance that your windows have got quite old and it is time to replace them. If you have decided to replace your windows, make sure to get products from a reputable glass company, such as Obrien’s glass.

5. Window frame problems: Check your window frames to find out if there is any presence of mould on them, or if there is an issue of rotting wood. If your window frame’s wood is too soft, you might have to replace the entire frame, instead of just replacing the glass.

Why should you replace your windows?
Having a window that does not manage to keep the noise and unnecessary light out is rather cumbersome as it defeats the purpose of having windows in the first place. You might end up wasting a lot of energy and money cooling and heating your home during the appropriate months. Needless to say, having better, energy efficient windows that efficiently keep out the heat and the cold would help you save a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, these energy efficient windows would also add to the resale value of the house. In fact, the resale value is one of the most important reasons why you should replace your windows when they start looking old. An established glass repair company, such as Instant Glass Repair, can help you in this regard. Get in touch with window glass repair and replacement professionals now to know the right solution for all your windows related problems.

Why a DIY Glass Repair Job Can be a Tricky Proposition

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The windows of a house often reveal a lot about the house and its occupants. However, not many people take the time to observe or understand. For example, a house with several windows would tell you that the occupant prefers natural lighting to artificial one. A house with only a few windows would reveal that the occupant either prefers artificial lighting to natural lighting. Alternatively, it could also reveal that the person has no interest in the house at all. Houses that rely on artificial lights will usually be dark and in sore need of a thorough revamp or cleaning. Similarly, a homeowner who uses O’Brien’s Glass on the windows reveals several characteristics. These could include astuteness, a love for high-quality products, a fondness of all things aesthetic and perhaps, a love for nature too.

In modern houses, windows do more than bring in fresh air from outside. They also give soothing views of your lawn or backyard. They also play a major role in reducing or increasing your power bills. Surprised? Energy efficient windows could help you reduce your power bills significantly. In summers, the windows would let the light enter the house. At the same time, they would keep out the accompanying heat. Thus, your house would cool faster and for longer durations of time. In winters, you would probably use heaters to keep the house warm. Your windows however, would prevent the heat from escaping out. Therefore, your house would become warm faster and would stay that way. In both situations, the glass on your windows plays a vital role in making your home energy efficient. Energy efficient doors and windows provide several benefits including:


  •  Reducing your power consumption and expenses
  •  Enhancing your comfort throughout the year
  •  Improved durability to face extreme weather conditions
  •  The need for lesser maintenance especially if you have vinyl doors and windows
  •  Enhancing the décor of your house and improving its visual appeal


Therefore, when accidents occur, it is usually best to do glass repairs in Sydney at the earliest possible.

Many people would view an accident where you need to replace glass, as an unnecessary expense. Others however, would view it as an opportunity to highlight their glass repair skills. For the latter, broken glass denotes an opportunity to perform a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) job. Thus, they would never call a glass company for glass repair in Sydney. In many cases, the cost of paying for professional glass repair makes people opt for DIY methods. However, many people do not pause to reflect that a DIY job might not give them the value – or durability – they seek. In most cases, amateur work can never surpass a professional job in terms of quality. Therefore, a shoddy DIY job could well lead to double the expenses.

At Instant Glass Repairs (Australia), cheap glass repair is our specialty. Ever since we began providing glass repair services, we realised the value of prompt service and timely delivery. Broken glass represents several kinds of hazards. It could injure someone. It could present unscrupulous elements with an opportunity for breaking in. Therefore, we replace glass and provide repair services 24/7, throughout the year. In fact, we pride ourselves on the ability to be at your place within an hour of receiving your call. Additionally, we have live staff for taking your calls and not some automated responders. This ensures that we obtain firsthand information about your requirements. It also enables us to reach your place prepared within an hour’s time.

Several clients have called us after making unsuccessful attempts at a DIY glass replacement job. The attempt was to avoid incurring additional expenses. Unfortunately, the attempt ensured that the homeowners could not avoid those expenses. Therefore, we believe that a DIY job certainly has its benefits. However, if you’re not sure of doing a thorough job, calling the professionals in might be worthwhile. The common mistakes that occur in a faulty DIY job include:


  •  Incorrect measurements of glass or wood that result in additional expenses
  •  Improper installations that leave your house vulnerable to the elements and make it energy inefficient
  •  Lack of appropriate tools that result in shoddy and rough-looking work
  •  Improper workmanship that could void or nullify any applicable warranties
  •  Improper work that could even endanger the lives of the occupants of the house to burglary etc.
  •  The wastage of time, effort and money when the professionals could have accomplished the same job much faster
  •  A DIY kit that will almost never offer the same quality of work as that of professional tools and equipment


Moreover, professionals are adept at handling problems that emerge while they replace the glass. For example, this could be structural problems or rotten frames etc. Amateurs would hardly be able to cope with this. Professionals however, are well equipped to handle these kinds of situations.

Therefore, when you need prompt and affordable levels of glass repair or replacement services, call us at 0409 540 540. Our exceptional levels of service at cost effective rates will give you a hassle-free experience.

Cheap Glass Repair – Tips to avoid Expensive Glass Replacement

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It only takes a flying pebble to bomb your windscreen and create a crack which will span across the entire windshield in no time. Once the windshield gets the crack, you start thinking about the hassles and cost of windshield replacement. However, the good thing is that it is actually possible to alleviate your worries by availing cheap glass repair services. Lets know more about the important tips that helps you to choose cheap glass repair services.

  •  Repairing instead of Replacement: Definitely the first step is to seriously think over the option to repair than to replace. If the crack is smaller than six inches, chances are that cheap glass repair is indeed possible.
  •  Seek cheap glass repair from reputed repair service: You need to ensure that your choice for cheap glass repair is not at the cost of quality. Quality should never be compromised for cheap glass repair. Rather the best option will be a company which can guarantee high quality glass repair services at the best price.
  •  Swift service: Convenience is of paramount importance these days with most of the companies offering services right at your door step. This will definitely guarantee cheap glass repair because you don’t have to miss a day of work and waste your gas for the repair.
  •  Use of quality supplies for repair: Ensure that the repair company uses quality materials for cheap glass repair. Low quality adhesives can result in broken seals and leaky windshields which will ultimately cost you more. Hence it is always recommended to use high quality materials for cheap glass repair.
  • Use of OEM and certified glass: Use of Original Equipment Material or equivalent glass is always desirable for cheap glass repair. Use of low quality glass can expose you to risks and compromise your safety thereby causing further potential damage to the glass.