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Broken Glass Repair – Review of Auto Glass Repair Techniques

Any small crack on your auto glass should be repaired or replaced at the earliest before the situation worsens. There are several new glass repair techniques for broken glass repair. In order to provide extra protection you can get a protective layer attached to the windscreen which proves handy whenever any flying debris hits your vehicle. For all types of broken glass repair, one needs to ensure high quality glass repair for longevity.
Use of advanced technology and state of the art equipment, broken glass repair can be completed swiftly thereby ensuring comfort and convenience for the customer. Broken glass repair involves the following steps :

  •  Inspection of the damage to establish the severity and evaluate options for broken glass repair.
  •  Use of protective drapes to prevent further damage.
  •  Any debris or moisture is vacuumed out of the crack.
  •  Specially designed resin is used for broken glass repair.
  •  The resin is hardened by using UV light.
  •  Any extra resin after the broken glass repair is removed to ensure a clean surface.
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