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Why a DIY Glass Repair Job Can be a Tricky Proposition

The windows of a house often reveal a lot about the house and its occupants. However, not many people take the time to observe or understand. For example, a house with several windows would tell you that the occupant prefers natural lighting to artificial one. A house with only a few windows would reveal that the occupant either prefers artificial lighting to natural lighting. Alternatively, it could also reveal that the person has no interest in the house at all. Houses that rely on artificial lights will usually be dark and in sore need of a thorough revamp or cleaning. Similarly, a homeowner who uses O’Brien’s Glass on the windows reveals several characteristics. These could include astuteness, a love for high-quality products, a fondness of all things aesthetic and perhaps, a love for nature too.

In modern houses, windows do more than bring in fresh air from outside. They also give soothing views of your lawn or backyard. They also play a major role in reducing or increasing your power bills. Surprised? Energy efficient windows could help you reduce your power bills significantly. In summers, the windows would let the light enter the house. At the same time, they would keep out the accompanying heat. Thus, your house would cool faster and for longer durations of time. In winters, you would probably use heaters to keep the house warm. Your windows however, would prevent the heat from escaping out. Therefore, your house would become warm faster and would stay that way. In both situations, the glass on your windows plays a vital role in making your home energy efficient. Energy efficient doors and windows provide several benefits including:


  •  Reducing your power consumption and expenses
  •  Enhancing your comfort throughout the year
  •  Improved durability to face extreme weather conditions
  •  The need for lesser maintenance especially if you have vinyl doors and windows
  •  Enhancing the décor of your house and improving its visual appeal


Therefore, when accidents occur, it is usually best to do glass repairs in Sydney at the earliest possible.

Many people would view an accident where you need to replace glass, as an unnecessary expense. Others however, would view it as an opportunity to highlight their glass repair skills. For the latter, broken glass denotes an opportunity to perform a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) job. Thus, they would never call a glass company for glass repair in Sydney. In many cases, the cost of paying for professional glass repair makes people opt for DIY methods. However, many people do not pause to reflect that a DIY job might not give them the value – or durability – they seek. In most cases, amateur work can never surpass a professional job in terms of quality. Therefore, a shoddy DIY job could well lead to double the expenses.

At Instant Glass Repairs (Australia), cheap glass repair is our specialty. Ever since we began providing glass repair services, we realised the value of prompt service and timely delivery. Broken glass represents several kinds of hazards. It could injure someone. It could present unscrupulous elements with an opportunity for breaking in. Therefore, we replace glass and provide repair services 24/7, throughout the year. In fact, we pride ourselves on the ability to be at your place within an hour of receiving your call. Additionally, we have live staff for taking your calls and not some automated responders. This ensures that we obtain firsthand information about your requirements. It also enables us to reach your place prepared within an hour’s time.

Several clients have called us after making unsuccessful attempts at a DIY glass replacement job. The attempt was to avoid incurring additional expenses. Unfortunately, the attempt ensured that the homeowners could not avoid those expenses. Therefore, we believe that a DIY job certainly has its benefits. However, if you’re not sure of doing a thorough job, calling the professionals in might be worthwhile. The common mistakes that occur in a faulty DIY job include:


  •  Incorrect measurements of glass or wood that result in additional expenses
  •  Improper installations that leave your house vulnerable to the elements and make it energy inefficient
  •  Lack of appropriate tools that result in shoddy and rough-looking work
  •  Improper workmanship that could void or nullify any applicable warranties
  •  Improper work that could even endanger the lives of the occupants of the house to burglary etc.
  •  The wastage of time, effort and money when the professionals could have accomplished the same job much faster
  •  A DIY kit that will almost never offer the same quality of work as that of professional tools and equipment


Moreover, professionals are adept at handling problems that emerge while they replace the glass. For example, this could be structural problems or rotten frames etc. Amateurs would hardly be able to cope with this. Professionals however, are well equipped to handle these kinds of situations.

Therefore, when you need prompt and affordable levels of glass repair or replacement services, call us at 0409 540 540. Our exceptional levels of service at cost effective rates will give you a hassle-free experience.

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