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Glass repair – Determining Factors for the cost of Repair

Glass repair and replacement services can be costly depending upon the severity of the damage. The size of the glass is the most obvious cost determining factor which decides the cost of glass repair. However, it is not the most important factor though. Glass repair and replacement activities should always involve high quality safety glass which complies with Australian standards for safety. Toughened and Laminated glass is usually favoured for all types of glass repair and replacement services.

Glass repair services for older timber frames are more expensive when compared with aluminium frames because the old putty and glazier’s points are removed for the repair. Also when the window sticks to the frame, the cost of glass repair can go up. The other important factor which largely decides the cost of glass repair is the type of glass used i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer glass or other alternatives.

Last but not the least, labour costs largely decides the overall cost of glass repair. For emergency services, the prices can just go higher. There are different categories of glass repair services usually provided by the companies which includes emergency services, General glass repair services, window frame repairs, home glass repair services and glass replacements

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