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Glass Repair – Common Glass Repair Projects

Glass repair services can be required due to a wide variety of circumstances which majorly includes vandalism, accidental breakage, storm etc. Broken glass can be extremely dangerous and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to ensure your safety and security. Instant Glass Repair offers typical glazier services including glass replacement, window glass replacement, door glass replacement and general glass repairs. There are certain types of glass such as laminated or toughened safety glass which are safer to handle, however float glass can be dangerous. Trained professionals should perform glass repair as many a times, the broken shards from non safety glass products inflict serious injuries.
A glass repair specialist can quickly assess the damage and depending on the severity of the damage, either repair or replace glass. Some of the most common glass repair projects will be:

  • Replacement of Glass Pane: Without a doubt, replacing a single pane of glass will always be less expensive than replacing an entire window.
  • One of the most common glass repair project is for repair of cracked, chipped or scratched glass. However, you don’t need to replace the entire glass pane because of a crack or chip because there are glass epoxies which can be added to fill in the crack or gap and then polished out to a smooth repair. Using a rubbing compound and buffer for scratched glass repair, you can easily achieve an improved appearance effortlessly.
  • Air tight seal between the window panes: Sometimes due to air infiltration, you can see condensation build up between multiple paned windows. Experienced glaziers can easily remove this condensation and reseal the window panes.
  •  Once the glass panels come loose from the frame, they start making rattling noise. By adding a new layer of caulking one can easily complete glass repair which will ensure that the panes are tightly secured in its frame.

At Instant Glass Repair, we guarantee high quality glass repair at the best quote.

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