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Sydney Glass – Different Types of Window Glass

Window Glass can appreciate the appearance of any home or building. When choosing a type of Sydney glass, you need to consider the look you want, as well as the practical aspects of the glass. There are different types of  Sydney glass available in the market. The kind of glass you select for the window will affect the comfort, energy consumption, insulation, noise level and comfort of your own home. Let’s discuss some of the common types of glass, where each kind has its unique qualities.

Residential Glass:

  • Pattered Glass: This type of glass has a pattern on one side to prevent other people from seeing through the glass. This is the most common type of bathroom glass used for privacy purposes.
  • Sheet Glass: Also known as float glass, this type of Sydney glass is efficient in keeping heat out.
  • Tinted Glass: This type of glass blocks light thereby promising energy efficiency. Coloured glass is an important architectural element for the exterior appearance of facades. It is also used in interior decoration.

Commercial Buildings:

  • Tempered Glass: Provides enhanced safety because in case of break ins, it crumbles into pieces to prevent shards of glass from hurting anyone.
  • Wired Glass: This specific type of glass has steel wire mesh imbedded into the glass to provide enhanced security.
  •  Annealed Glass: This is the basic glass product. It’s used in most windows and glass doors.
  •  Toughened Glass: Toughened glass is physically tough which causes it to break up into much smaller pieces than regular annealed glass does when it is shattered, making it much safer.

To improve the insulating, soundproofing, strength and safety of glass, a layer of vinyl material is laminated in between two or more glass sheets.

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