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Cracked Glass – What are your options?

Depending on the product, the cracked glass is usually repaired with a glue based approach. It is also worthy to determine whether the cracked glass product is actually necessary. There are scenarios where repairing cracked glass proves to be more difficult and complex than replacing the entire glass unit. For mementos, rare items and other important glass items, repairing the cracked glass is the most apt solution.

An epoxy glue based approach can be used to stick the cracked glass pieces together to attain the same functional value as before. It is important to allow the glue to dry properly for a stronger joint. Although the primary goal of the chosen glue is strength, the glue should also ensure that the glass remains clear. Depending on the severity of the cracked glass, even a replacement can be recommended. In such case, one needs to ensure that the replacement glass is cut to proper dimensions.
In case the cracked glass breaks into several shards, it becomes extremely difficult to glue the broken pieces together. In such scenarios, one needs to have properly sized replacement glass. For repairing cracked glass items with a curved surface, it requires enough experience and expertise

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