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Cracked Glass – How to Treat Cracked windows?

Irrespective of how tough and durable, a window is claimed to be, the glass will always be vulnerable and can develop cracks. A cracked glass can have safety concerns with kids playing around. You should always take prompt action and get the cracked glass repaired or replaced depending on the extent of damage. There will be times when you need to wait for days before professionals can get the cracked glass corrected. In such cases, you should know few tips which can at least deal with the situation temporarily.
Instant Glass Repair Sydney provides a wide array of products and services which includes emergency glass replacement, window repairs, glass door repairs, mirror installations and many more. Cracked Glass repair can be fairly easy but you need to take corrective action quickly, else the crack continues to spread. Instant Glass Repair Sydney recommends the following DIY steps to treat cracked glass to provide temporary relief, before the professionals take over.

  • Prevent the spreading by creating a small arc using a glass cutter. In most cases, this arc helps in keeping the crack limited to the arc etched into the glass.
  • For small holes, household items like nail paint or shellac can help in filling it up.
  • Temporary replacements of the cracked glass by using either thick plastic or double thickness garbage bags. The replacement might not be aesthetically pleasing, but will definitely provide temporary relief.
  • A masking tape can help in ensuring that the crack is completely covered.
  • Acetone can be used to clean the area and then the cracked glass can be treated carefully with a super glue. A few layers of the super glue should be able to cover the crack.

The above steps will never be a permanent solution for cracked glass, but definitely deal with the problem effectively before professionals take corrective action.

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