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Cracked Glass – Best way to fix Cracks in a Glass Window

With any cracked glass, it is really important to fix the crack at the earliest to avoid further damage. Small cracks can very quickly turn into bigger cracks and possibly breaks the entire piece if not taken care of. Cracked glass can also cause serious injury which again stresses the importance of fixing it quickly without any delay. You can always try fixing a cracked glass of your own before calling the professionals.

Cracked glass windows of a car needs to be repaired by professional auto repair technicians because the cracks can weaken the structural integrity of the window and lead to breaks. House window cracks can be effectively repaired using DIY techniques.
A masking tape can be used to provide a temporary patch to a cracked glass until it is fixed completely. For cracked glass which is heavily shattered, it is advisable to use heavy-duty work gloves while you remove the broken pieces from the surrounding sash. In case of minor cracks, you can use cerium oxide powder mixed with water to form a paste. Apply this paste and polish out the scratch. For bigger cracks, use resin to fix cracked glass. Resin repair kits are easily available and they include an installation tool, the resin, curing strips, razor blade and instruction sheet.
If the crack is fairly large and beyond repair, then you might need to replace the entire glass pane. Take the measurements properly and ask the glazier to cut the replacement glass as per the dimensions. Use proper eye protective gear and gloves when you remove the cracked glass from the frame. During replacement of the cracked glass, you need to prepare the frame to cushion the replaced glass. In case of wooden frames, use a small amount of glazing compound which will hold the replaced glass pane tightly.

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