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Glass Repair Sydney – Types of Services

Use of glass adds beauty to any structure, but it also demands high maintenance and care. Glass is used for various reasons commercially and at home such as for the windows, the vehicle and the mirrors.  Under unfortunate circumstances, the glass may break or it might need repair. Handling glass without any knowledge is very dangerous and procrastinating can worsen the situation further. Hence for all kinds of Glass Repair Sydney, you can bank on Instant Glass Repair. We specialize in offering high quality glass repair and installation services.

There are numerous different types of services that are offered by professionals based on the type of Glass repair Sydney required. The different types of services are broadly classified under three categories:


  • Residential: For all kinds of renovation and repair for Home Glass Repair, please contact Instant Glass Repair. We will help you with new mirrors and shower screen installation. Use of glass will make your interior look spacious. You can also have your mirrors tailored the way you want. If the existing windows are broken or fogged, the experts will take care of them immediately too.
  •  Commercial: Commercial use of glass is seen in offices and shopping areas. There can be several instances like emergency break ins, vandalism or mere accidents which can cause damage to glass and hence require professional help for repair and replacement. Glass Repair Sydney involves various services like Glass Replacement, Installation of toughened glass, Use of safety glass, Installation of splashbacks, Installation of Glass tabletops and mirrors.
  •  Mobile Repair services: Instant Glass Repair offers mobile glass repair Sydney wherein we are just a call away for you. Within 12 hours from your call, we strive to provide all of the services you need to keep your glass looking perfect. Unlike some glass repair companies, we have a broad range of knowledge, allowing us to work on all types of projects.

At Instant Glass Repair, we pride ourselves on safety and see it as our number one priority for both our staff and you.

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