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O’Brien Glass – Different Types of Windscreen Glass

O’Brien Glass is the preferred choice for any glass replacement and installation because of its high quality. Instant Glass repair is committed to provide high quality glass repair and replacement services anytime and anywhere in Sydney. From household glass to commercial glass, our customers receive swift service which means that you can expect us at your premises within an hour. Specifically designed for automobiles, O’Brien Glass for windscreen is made with safety glass making it more safe and secure in case of accidents. Recognised as one of the best glass suppliers, O’Brien glass definitely improves safety of your property.
The two common types of glass used for making automobile glass are tempered glass and laminated glass. The windshield is made with laminated glass so that it can keep the windshield glass intact during a collision. O’Brien glass for windshields is designed such that it can take an impact without shattering. Since O’Brien Glass doesn’t shatter, it creates a spider web like appearance due to the broken pieces which cling to the plastic lining. Laminated glass is mostly used for side windows and back windows and also as storefront windows. Use of safety laminated glass should be encouraged for use in windows, doors, shower screens, auto etc., where one encounters with risk of glass breakage. Tempered glass is manufactured by using rapid heating and cooling methods.
O’Brien Glass complies with the strictest Australian Standard and meets the requirements of Australian Design Rule as well. There are several advantages associated with the use of laminated glass.

  •  Toughened laminated for additional strength and security
  •  Sound control and UV protection
  •  High level of security and sound control
  •  Remains bonded even after glass breakage which also reduces injuries.

At Instant Glass Repair we provide expert mobile service, Within Budget, lifetime warranty on workmanship and free insurance transactions.

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