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Match the Interiors of Your House with Classic Types of Glass

For most practical purposes, glass on windows serves to provide visibility. People have used glass for windows since the 16th century. After all, glass is a wonderful material. It allows the entry of natural light indoors. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house. Depending on the type of glass used, it can withstand scratches and regular wear and tear. In case of damage, you can easily repair and replace glass. Glass does not react with prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially to ultraviolet radiation. It can be an effective thermal insulator, leading to reduced power and energy bills. You can also use glass to act as a sound barrier, thereby reducing the amount of noise entering the house. Above all these benefits, glass remains relatively inexpensive and is easily available. With the passage of time, several varieties of glass have come into being. Each has its own characteristics and utility value. A visit to any glass company in the neighbourhood can help you find the type of glass you need.

With all its benefits, glass remains prone to breaking. Hence, having a glass company that can repair glass windows quickly can be a boon. Regardless of the type of glass you use, we specialise in handling all types of glass replacements and steel fabrications. This includes Liverpool Glass, Magic Glass, Sydney Glass etc. We provide 24/7 service to repair glass windows. In fact, we guarantee to be at your doorstep within sixty minutes. Unlike other emergency glass repair services who take hours to arrive at your place, we understand the gravity of the situation. Broken glass can compromise your security. Hence, we take pride in ensuring that we provide same-day service to you. This ensures that we resolve the issue completely. Further, it nullifies the chances of unlawful entry into your premises. Located in the heart of Sydney, we cater to all adjoining areas. Our fully equipped mobile vans remain primed for action. Hence, this translates into faster arrivals and quicker service, promptly delivered.

When it comes to choosing glass for your windows, you have no dearth of options. The most popular ones include:

  •  Float or Annealed Glass: Large and thin flat panels made from molten glass produce float or annealed glass. This glass has a uniform thickness that maintains consistency. Further, the glass remains smooth as well. If you cool float glass in a slow and controlled manner, its internal stresses enhance the strength of the glass. Known as annealed glass, this glass is easily breakable. Hence, not too many people use it nowadays, even though it used to be very popular.
  •  Heated Glass: Annealed glass, when heated beyond 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (about 650 degrees Celsius), becomes heat-strengthened glass on cooling. Unlike annealed glass, it does not break into large pieces. However, its tendency to break into small shards does not enhance its popularity.
  •  Tempered Glass: Annealed glass, when made four times stronger, becomes tempered glass. The process entails cutting and finishing annealed glass to the appropriate size. Thereafter, the glass faces rapid heating and cooling beyond the annealing points. This effectively strengthens the glass, thereby making it a safety glass. On breaking, it will shatter into small granular fragments that will not cause grave injury.
  •  Laminated Glass: When you fuse together two or more layers of glass, using interlayers of polyvinyl butyral, heat and pressure, you get laminated glass. If you use heat-strengthened glass, the PVB interlayer will hold the fragments of glass in place. This enhances the safety quotient of the glass. This type of glass provides great benefits when used as a safety glass. Since the glazing remains intact despite breaking, it negates the risk of injuries. Car windshields remain the most common examples of laminated glass.
  •  Wire Glass: This glass will provide great value as a fire resistant glass, in areas that face exposure to high heat and temperatures i.e. factories. The wire mesh within the glass imparts it with significant levels of strength. The mesh keeps the glass intact, should the glass shatter.
  •  Low Emissivity Glass (Low-E Glass): This glass comes with a special coating that reflects the infrared portions of light. At the same time, it allows the entry of visible light. Coatings of tin oxide or silver, when applied at high temperatures to glass, imbue it with a hard and durable coating. Use this glass to keep your house cool in summers and warm in winters.
  •  Stained Glass: This adds colour to your interiors and enhances your privacy. It also serves to mitigate the intensity of the sun’s rays. This prevents damage caused by the sun’s rays to carpets and other furniture items.
  •  Reflective Glass: Common float glass when coated with a metallic substance, yields reflective glass. Designed to reduce solar heat, this glass produces a mirror like effect. By preventing outsiders from viewing through the glass, it enhances your privacy levels.

Just like glass has multiple uses in your house, we also cover glass repairs and replacement in a variety of instances. Thus, we cover all types of glass replacements – from tabletops to shower screens etc. When you call us at 0409 540 540, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a quick resolution. After all, we share a common trait with our clients. Our mutual interest in all things glass, makes us understand and mirror their requirements, thereby providing complete satisfaction.

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