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Measures for Dealing with Broken Glass

Just a view through a clear O’Brien’s glass window on a fine day can be sufficient to soothe frayed nerves. The sight of the wind making the trees sway to a silent melody, the sight of birds as they play with or chase each other and other similar sights can be very relaxing to the mind. Unfortunately though, this scenario can change in a moment. If something causes your O’Brien’s glass window to shatter, it can be very annoying too. However, glass remains fragile and prone to various kinds of stress. Once the stress factor increases beyond a threshold, you could find yourself looking for emergency glass repair Sydney services.

Instant Glass Repairs specialises in providing emergency glass repair Sydney. We know that no one would damage the glass on their doors and windows intentionally. Since accidents can – and do – take place at any moment, quick glass repair work becomes imperative. With people being increasingly occupied with several other activities, we took on the job of providing 24/7 services in glass repair for cracked glass. In our experience, cracked glass results from five types of pressures. These include:

  •  Impact Stress: Caused by the impact of an object colliding with or striking the glass i.e. a cricket ball etc.
  •  Tensile Stress: Caused by the weight of the glass
  •  Thermal Stress: Caused by the impact of solar radiation when the heat absorbed weakens the structure of the glass
  •  Mechanical Flexing Stress: Caused by the force of external factors like wind, earthquakes etc.
  •  Twisting Stress: Caused by structural defects resulting from the sagging or settling of the window frames etc.

We service all areas around Sydney. Instant Glass Repairs remains located in the very heart of Sydney. Thus, accessing all the adjoining areas becomes comparatively easier. It is why we provide mobile services 24/7. It is also the reason why we promise to be at your premises within an hour of receiving your call. However, broken glass – whether shattered or not – poses various degrees of risk to your premises and to its inhabitants. For example, an unattended broken window could encourage vandals or burglars. Even worse, your children or pets in the house could suffer injuries from broken glass shards. Hence, if you cannot wait for our team to arrive on the spot, consider taking the following steps.

  •  Clear the area of all children and pets and prevent anyone from accessing it
  •  Use a broom to sweep all the largest shards and place them in the dustbin
  •  For locating the smaller, more minute shards, sprinkle baby powder or baking soda in the area and dispose of the finer shards  too
  •  If needed, use a vacuum cleaner to clear the room and make it shard-free

While adults will tend to stay away from areas with broken glass pieces, handling children and pets is never easy. Unfortunately, an injury can cause various infections. Thus, when time is of the essence, a thorough cleaning can be useful. However, ensure that you wear gloves and do not handle the fragments of glass directly. While this would ensure protection of your loved ones, our arrival will supplement your efforts. Our repair work will make your premises secure and safe once again within twelve hours. That, is one of the guarantees we provide – along with your complete satisfaction with the quality of our work.

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