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Mirroring Your Needs in Glass Replacement

Eons ago, a riddle asked people to name the device that allowed people to see through the thickest of walls. Most people named powerful scientific telescopes and binoculars. Only a few ingenious individuals could get it right, however. The ubiquitous window remained the correct answer. The glass in windows enables us to see through walls having varying levels of thickness. The omnipresence of glass in several aspects of our lives makes us overlook it quite easily. In fact, mostly you would only notice glass when you need replacement glass. Home glass replacement usually arises when the glass has shattered or if it has become too dirty.

Although you may not notice it, glass comes in several different varieties. Depending on the make and materials used, you can used glass in different locations. The different types of glass comprise:

  • Soda or Soda-Lime Glass: Made of sodium carbonate and silica, use this glass for windowpanes, bottles and bulbs.
  • Coloured Glass: Sand, sodium carbonate and limestone, mixed with small amounts of metallic oxides yield this glass. You can use this for making light signals for traffic, sunglasses etc.
  • Plate Glass: Usually used for shop windows and doors, plate glass comprises a mix of molten glass and molten tin. This makes it thicker than ordinary glass with a smoother surface too.
  • Safety Glass: A sheet of plastic placed between sheets of glass result in safety glass. Used in automobiles, this glass has a unique feature. In case the glass breaks, the shards stick to the plastic instead of scattering about.
  • Laminated Glass: Also termed as bulletproof glass, this involves binding several layers of safety glass with an adhesive. You could use this glass for making windscreens for cars.
  • Optical Glass: Made of potassium and lead silicates, this glass comes into use in the manufacture of lenses and other optical instruments.
  • Photo-chromatic Glass: Similar to optical glasses, manufacturers add a trace amount of silver iodide to these glasses. This gives it the property of acquiring a darker shade when exposed to light.

Regardless of the type of glass you use in your houses or shops, Instant Glass Repair can handle all types of glass replacements. This includes express glass, O’Brien glass, home glass replacement etc. Breakage of glass can compromise your security. Hence, we provide 24/7 service to handle emergency glass repair. Instant Glass Repair provides you with service within sixty minutes. Unlike other glaziers or emergency glass repair services who visit you within hours of your call, we think and act differently. Therefore, once you call us, we will be at your location within sixty minutes. You could call it experience; we term it professionalism. As leaders in providing replacement glass services, we think – and act – differently.

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