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Multiple Choices for Rooms with Views

Windows can be extremely misleading. You can either ignore them altogether or give them a lot of attention. Several people could be happy remaining oblivious to them too. Regardless of how you view them, windows add a lot of value and utility to your house. When overlooking a lawn, windows allow you to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. Windows overlooking the street enable you to see everything outside, while protecting your privacy. Other windows help you make the most of natural heat and lighting. These could result in a considerable saving on your power bill. When constructing a house, people do not pay a lot of attention to the glass for their windows. Popular varieties available these days include O’Brien glass and magic glass. However, you should not select them merely for their popularity.

At Instant Glass Repairs Sydney, we specialise in providing glass repair services. This involves everything that you need to fix glass, including cracked glass repair. We provide 24/7 mobile services to all people in Sydney. This is because we know how important it is to fix glass. A broken window or an incomplete glass repair job could be a security hazard. Hence, we ensure that we provide mobile services to all those who rely on our services.

Occasionally, our clients have sought our views on the types of glass available in the market and their utility value. Building a house nowadays or even, renovating it, remains far removed from a few decades back. People have a lot more variety now when it comes to selecting the type of glass for their windows. Since each type of glass provides different benefits, we decided to make it easier for our clients to base their decisions when purchasing glass. Some of the most common varieties of glass include:

  •  Tempered Glass: This glass has thrice the strength of normal glass. Builders use this glass to enhance the security of the building. While it is tougher than normal glass, it disintegrates into small fragments when broken. This could be useful as it avoids inflicting major injuries and damage.
  •  Reflective Glass: Perfect for windows that overlook the street, this glass creates a mirror effect. By reflecting back the light, it prevents outsiders from seeing inside your house. It also provides the added benefit of heat retention inside the house.
  •  Laminated Glass: Used in vehicles as well as houses and offices, this glass provides the feature of not shattering into splinters. This glass holds all the pieces together when shattered, thereby reducing the risk of injury. In some cases, people also use this glass to control fires as it can delay the spread of the fire.
  •  Float Glass: Primarily used in shops and showrooms, this glass is the common flat and clear window glass.
  • Fire-resistant Glass: This glass comes in two varieties i.e. heat transmitting glass and fire insulating glass. The former provides short-term protection against flames and inflammable gases. The latter can contain the spread of flames, gases and smoke for a longer duration.
  •  Electrochromatic Glass: If you need energy and light efficient glass for your windows, this is the glass to use. It automatically  adjusts to the level of sunlight, thereby providing relief from the blazing sun outside or bringing in sufficient levels of light  indoors.

When selecting windows for your house or office, consider the following factors:

  •  The type of windows you plan on having and their construction
  •  The utility for each of the windows in the building i.e. enhanced security, enhanced visibility etc.
  •  The regulations behind installing windows
  •  Whether you need energy efficient windows or ordinary ones
  •  The maintenance required by the windows once the installation is complete

These tips could help you make the best of the windows in your house or office. However, each window needs proper and regular maintenance. Improper attention to windows could lead to scratches or damage. These, in turn, could become security breaches that imperil your premises. Hence, do not neglect to call Instant Glass Repairs Sydney for all jobs requiring cracked glass repair. We guarantee you a comprehensive support and repair service within twelve hours of receiving your call.


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