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Myriad Types and Utilities of Glass

Ubiquitous by nature, you can seldom avoid the appearance of glass anywhere you happen to look. If you walk on a lane, you can see glass on the doors and windows of houses and cars. If you visit the neighbourhood park for a stroll, you can see glass used to cover the lights in the park. Inside houses, you can see glass on cabinets and cupboards, tables etc. In fact, glass abounds in all those places where people dwell. Accidents will occur eventually, leading to the breakage of glass. Broken pieces of glass can result in injury. Further, if the glass belonged to a door or window, it could compromise the security of your premises. The unavoidable possibility of such accidents necessitates the need to have a glass repair company on hand.

For several years, Instant Glass Repairs Sydney has been answering calls for prompt and reliable home glass replacement. The domain of express glass repair had a void until we stepped in to fill it. Before we appeared on the scene, there were hardly any reliable companies. Certainly, a glass repair company that provided 24/7 mobile services was a rarity. However, recognising the opportunity before us, we began providing mobile services in addition to high-quality home glass replacement. Our office, located in the heart of Sydney, makes it very easy for us to service all areas in quick time. Besides, we do not just provide quality service quickly. We also provide repair services that do not leave a hole in your wallet.

The use of glass does not just remain confined to residential buildings. The commercial use of glass has given the city’s skyline an appealing look. Commercial buildings with glass facades appear attractive, swanky and create a good impression on everyone. The glass used for the exteriors of such building remains tough and durable. However, storms and other accidents can shatter the glass facades of these buildings too. Hence, we do not just deal with glass repairs for residential premises. We also provide commercial glass repair services.

Commercial glass usually comprises of three varieties i.e. borosilicate, soda lime and silica glass. Each of these has different characteristics and therefore, different utility value to offer. Therefore, if you plan to use commercial glass in your building, it could be worthwhile understanding the unique features of each of these varieties.


  •  Borosilicate Glass: This glass contains a large quantity of silica. It also contains minute amounts of boric oxide, aluminium oxide and various alkalis. The low quantities of alkalis present make this glass extremely durable. In particular, this glass can withstand thermal shocks and several strong chemicals. It comes as no surprise that manufacturers use this type of glass for making kitchenware and other cooking equipment.
  •  Soda Lime Glass: When it comes to making windows and similar applications, glaziers prefer soda lime glass. This is because soda lime glass is made of sodium and calcium, which transmit light very easily. Further, because this glass lacks colour, it has an enhanced ability to attract and transmit light rays. Soda lime glass is also quite durable, which explains its widespread use in making jars. However, one drawback of soda lime glass lies in its susceptibility to thermal expansion. It cannot withstand thermal shocks unlike borosilicate glass, even though it can contain concentrated chemicals.
  •  Silica Glass: Made almost entirely of sand, silica glass remains the most delicate variety of commercial glass. Being very thin and transparent makes it perfect for use in eyeglasses. It can easily absorb dangerous ultraviolet rays. Hence, filters in eyeglasses use silica glass to achieve this end. Since it is very delicate, manufacturers will seldom use it for windows or for making containers.

You can also find several other varieties of commercial glass. The varieties listed above, remain the three most common and popular ones. As explained earlier, regardless of how hardy the variety of commercial glass may be, each variety has its own breaking point. On such occasions, you need a trusted supplier for replacing the broken glass. With considerable experience in sliding door glass repair or commercial glass repair, Instant Glass Repair Sydney remains a trusted ally on such occasions. Call us now at 0409 540 540 to view all glass replacement issues with rose-tinted glasses…

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