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O’Brien Glass – Home Improvement Project Ideas

Many homeowners feel that glass is only being used for mirrors and windows, however the truth is that O’Brien glass has been incorporated into a multitude of home improvement projects. Also, one can save money by having O’Brien glass repaired without replacing the entire unit. There are different project ideas where O’Brien glass is used extensively because of its high quality and lifetime guarantee.

  •  Window Pane Repairs: In case you notice chips or cracks in your home’s window panes, you can definitely have expert glaziers either repair or replace O’Brien glass unit.
  •  Etched Glass Repair: For scratches and etches on your O’Brien glass, you need professionals who can polish out the scratch marks and restore the original lustre.
  •  Custom designed mirrors: O’Brien glass is extensively used for custom designed glass and mirrors. You can choose O’Brien glass designs that suits your decor and enhances the aesthetics of your interiors.
  •  Glass shower screen: O’Brien glass is used for glass shower enclosures which definitely adds a stupefying look to your bathroom. O’Brien glass not only guarantees safety and privacy but also assures easy maintenance.
  •  O’Brien glass is widely used for shelving, glass partitions and glass tops.
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