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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

When it comes to our glass repair services and products, we give you 100% satisfaction guarantee, which includes:

  • We do not leave your premises until you are actually thrilled about your newly installed windows, doors or any other glass accessory for that matter. Our goal is to provide you what you desire the most. We will charge you absolutely nothing until the job is completed.
  • Once you get in touch with us and we have your project, our first guarantee will be to fix the job within 12 hours. We will look into your requirements and give you a timeframe, however this timeframe will always be lesser or equal to 12 hours. In all the years we have worked, we have never prolonged a single project beyond the given timeframe.
  • Similarly, we guarantee that all the fixtures will be 100% perfect and not a single thing will be out of alignment. Once we are done, we will give you all the liberty to check it from any possible angle. You find a mistake and we fix it, even though that does not happen with us since precision and quality services are our preferences.
  • Let’s just put it this way – once we take up your project you won’t have to worry about it anymore. We are experts and we give you the liberty of working with experts at your demands. Unlike others, we don’t dictate your requirements, we simply work on them to make things beautiful for you. Once you are satisfied only then we are at peace and we mean it!

Give us a call about glass repair Sydney anytime on 0409 540 540

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