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Replace Glass Sydney – Simple Steps for DIY enthusiasts

Glass windows are always at risk from inclement weather, break ins, acts of vandalism or mere accident. Depending on the extent of damage, there might be a need to replace or repair glass. Repair Glass Sydney is extremely important in case of broken glass to keep your house safe and to lower your heating and cooling bills. In case you are an DIY enthusiast, we recommend the following simple steps to help you.

  •  Safely remove the broken glass window. Wear safety glasses and work gloves.
  •  Remove old putty and glazer’s points. Soften a small part of the putty at a time, and use a wood chisel or putty knife to remove it. Make sure to remove all traces of the old putty.
  • Measure the dimensions and relay the same to your local glazier. At the hardware store, have the glass cut to about 1/8 inch less than the dimensions of the opening.
  • In order to prevent the new putty to dry out, apply a thin layer of linseed oil.
  •  Put putty into the slot, kneading it until it is pliable. Make sure the new putty is not too thick. This provides a cushion for installing the new glass.
  • Insert the replacement glass into the frame by pressing it down firmly.
  • Take care to keep the flat side of the glazer’s point firmly against the glass.
  •  Insert some more putty into the groove on top of the glazer’s points.
  •  Use the glazing tool to smooth out the putty.
  •  Paint over the putty and over a fraction of an inch of the glass to seal.

In case, you are happy to seek professional help, Instant Glass Repair offers immaculate glass replacement services. Our warehouse is stocked with large stocks of common glass types. Be it a mirror, tabletop, glass installation or glass replacement we provide a fast and reliable service. For all kinds of Replace glass Sydney, call our team now at Instant Glass Repair on 0409 540 540. We’re ready to provide you with a free quote and the trusted, reliable service we’re renowned for.

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