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Sydney Glass – Important Information on the Various Types

The quality of Sydney Glass is extremely important for many of its applications because the primary goals include safety, durability and reliability. There are various different types of Sydney Glass having different characteristics. Let’s know more about the myriad types of Sydney Glass.

  •  The float glass is one of the most common Sydney glass which is made by pouring molten glass over tin.
  •  Plate Glass is extensively used as large store windows because of its thickness and strength.
  •  Sheet Sydney glass is characterised by its distortions, however this type of Sydney glass is more popular because of its bright lustre.
  •  Laminated glass is manufactured by laminating plastic between two sheets of glass making it extremely safe and highly durable.
  •  Tempered glass is an extremely popular Sydney glass, largely used in windshields and places which requires high resistance to breaking. Also, such type of Sydney glass crumbles into small pieces without any sharp edges, in case of an accident.
  •  With liquid crystals and an electrical circuit, one can create electronic privacy glass which imparts a frosted appearance to the Sydney glass. As the name suggests, such type of Sydney glass is used for enhanced security and privacy.

Depending on the use of Sydney glass, one needs to make the right choice which suits all the requirements.

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