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Window Glass Replacement – What are your Options?

Window glass replacement can be challenging because of the deluge of options available for each category viz. different window types, finishing, materials used, various glass types, energy efficiency levels and many more. For any type of window glass replacement, you definitely have a lot of choice. Hence, in order to make an informed decision you should have a fair idea with respect to every available option.
There are basically three different types of glass which can be used for window glass replacement i.e. Single, Double or Triple Glazed glass. The single glazing glass is extremely thin and hence least energy efficient. Double glazed glass is favoured for replacement windows. In this type of glass, the two layers of glass is separated by either Argon or Krypton, which makes it energy efficient. While for all types of window glass replacement, the preferred glass type is the double glazed glass, for all new installations many prefer triple glazing.
The chosen glass pane needs to go through various levels of finishing and additions. The addition is specifically aimed at making the glass more energy efficient. For window glass replacement, it is always recommended to use low emissivity glass which allows light to pass through without any hindrance while making it difficult for heat to escape. Similarly use of tinted or reflective glass for window glass replacement guarantees huge energy savings. Clear glass is all about transparency and zero energy efficiency.
The cost for a typical window glass replacement depends on a number of varying factors which includes:

  •  Dimensions of the window glass replacement
  •  The number of glass panes which require replacement
  •  The type of window where you need to have the replacement done
  •  Your choice for the type of the glass
  •  Choice for the type of glass finish.
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